Brastle Tiger: Bombay Special.

Standard Brastle Tiger Kit given some detail; I was originally going to do filigree but then I decided on a more paisley patterning on the bristle mechanism.

I think Brastle Tiger as a kit is under-rated. Its a solid chunky kitty, with a ton of cool features. Its a very plain kit, so I detailed a lot of the panels with a mix of enamels and metallic gundam markers [metallic red in particular]. Gold leaf’d the thermal cannon covers and caps. I love its foot locks too!

I tried some graphite powder on the claws and teeth but it didn’t quite work as expected. Still, very happy with the kit.


Battlestory time!

Take a look at those four Empire Zoids of DOOM above. Pretty intimidating, Republican-blasting beasts right? One of them holds the distinction of being the only Zoid to kick the Republic’s butt so badly, they got kicked off their home turf!

While Gilvader, Deathsaurer and Death Stinger (plus variants of the latter two) gave Helic forces a run for their money, the Republic had always managed to stay on their home turf in Delpoi -the Central Continent- and then make new Zoids for a comeback. For Deathsaurer (who came closest to wiping the Republic out in the older battlestory) the Mad Thunder was developed in time to keep Helic troops on the Central Continent. Gilvader got pushed back on Nyx by Orudios and Death Stinger types fell to Ligers, a Geno Breaker, and Gojulas variants near the middle of the newer battlestory. Like the Deathsaurer, the Eisen Dragoons (an elite Neo-Zenebas unit comprised of various Zoids, not pictured) get honorable mention for coming very close to wiping the Republic off of Delpoi… until one big bad Giganotosaurus Zoid managed to turn things around.

Early in ZAC 2106 the Republic’s Spartan-of-a-Zoid, Gojulas Giga, and its pals kept the Empire from taking the Central Continent. Since ruling over Delpoi was rather important to Emperor Wolff Muroa, the Neo Zenebas developed a Zoid that could take out the Gojulas Giga from a distance. Not an easy task considering Giga’s tough armor and powerful shields had outlasted everything the Empire had thrown at it so far. 

Enter the Seismosaurus; the only Zoid to wipe the Republic completely out of the Central Continent.  

Don’t let the nickname Sissy fool you, the basic Seismosaurus has the most weapons in Zoids history (far as I can tell) boasting 72 barrels of doom distributed over 33 sets of various Beam Cannons. Compare that to the 27 heat-based barrels of Brastle Tiger, 16 guns of the Gunbluster or the 32 life-draining spine-shots of Gojulas Giga strictly for Last Resort. On top of the basic arsenal, Sissy could fuse with both Scissor Storm and Laser Storm for even more firepower!   

But the terrifying might of the Seismosaurus didn’t end at the sheer number of beam cannons it toted. In its maw was the weapon that would finally trounce the Gojulas Giga, the Super* Focused Charged Particle Cannon. Also called the Zenebas Cannon, this weapon could unleash the most deadly charged particle beam yet seen on Zi. (Mega Deathsaurer would top that CPC might, about a century later in the Three Tigers era) Not only could the Seismosaurus sweep the particle cannon of doom across Helic forces, it could pierce the sheilds and armor of Gojulas Giga from a great distance!

When the Neo Zenebas brought Sissy (check out the story here) into battle, the Republic went from very-cockily relying on Gojulas Giga to running out of the Central Continent with their tails between their legs. As of summer (maybe even spring?) ZAC 2106 the Neo Zenebas was in complete control of the Central Continent, just as Wolff’s family had wanted for over 120 years.

Essentially, the EMPIRE HAD WON! 

 *Super doesn’t always show up in translations but I tend to use it to distinguish the weapon as Sissy’s (both have S) vs some other Zoid’s particle cannon.

Source stuff: Gilvader from, Deathsaurer from the Zoid’s wiki page, Deathstinger from Toywave though the art’s Yuji Kaida’s work. The Giga is from its Fanbook EX, pardon the random large size! Sissy scans from Phen0type’s Zoid forum.  

For much better scans of Sissy’s instruction/fanbook go to Momo’s page. Seriously, go take a look/read at the story.                                 

AHHH I love this zoid so much! Definitely one of my favorite HMMs and it holds together really well. I have the Jager and Schneider as well, but some of their armor pieces can be finicky. I love the classic white armor look on Zero, so I’ll be sticking with the original colors when I paint him. I’d love to get another to make the Imperial version though.

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