Yeah haven’t been around much, mostly because I’m outside all the time doing stuff (skateboarding, inline skating, kayaking, mountain biking, rec biking, rock climbing, etc… I don’t sit much lol) during the summer. So not too many drawing/custom projects going on. This is the only zoid custom I’ve been working on, a HMM Liger Zero Hailstorm (I like the hailstorm name better imo). He used to be my Schneider until my dog found some of his armor and became an instant chew toy. Luckily none of the body was damaged and I could just do an armor swap. I know there’s one where they made the armor removable, but I just glued mine to make the parts fit and look better, esp the back/neck piece. My way allows the head and neck to still have full movement. You can see that one of the legs is done in the background. I only have the rest of the legs to finish up and this custom’s done!



I admit. The Geno Saurer is fucking sexy especially its pilot. 

You mean Shadow? Raven couldn’t pilot his way out of a paper-bag XD

Blogging for the gifs in case anyone was thinking to question my Raven fangirlism

I thought Raven was an awesome pilot, but then later wasn’t because plot convenience o3o Like how Reese was awesome and then became crying Raven fangirl because plot convenience

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装甲巨神Zナイト Z・A03 TYPE-K Zナイト


Kotobukiya has posted the Z-Knight on their official Zoids website. It seems to imply that the Z-Knight series will continue. There is also mention of a short mini comic by Mercy Rabbit to be included in the instructions. That could be inaccurate (I’m going off of google translate, please take everything with a grain of salt).

The current price is 6,500 Yen (on par with Zero armaments) with a release date scheduled in August 2014.

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